Top BBQ Tips

We can teach you to make the best BBQ in Nashville at your home. You just have to follow the tips told by us in this article. Of course we assume that you are aware about the basics of barbeque, hence we will only give you some of the advanced tips.


Using the right fuel is the topmost tip that we have to offer to you. The fuel that you use has a great bearing on the flavour that you get in your barbeque. Almost all of us use charcoal soaked in kerosene as the fuel for our barbeque but have you given a thought to the type of charcoal that you might want to use. According to experts, lump wood charcoal is the best thing to use as a fuel for barbeque and you must also very carefully control the quantity of kerosene that you add. Adding some quantity of wood chips will bring in that smoky flavour to your barbeque.

Barbeque and patience are two sides of the same coin. This simply means that you need to have utmost patience while doing a barbeque because if you hurry even a little bit then your barbeque can go for a toss and you may end up with absolute shit. Save yourself from the embarrassment and allow your patience to settle in before you jump on to making a barbeque fire. The trick is that you must allow the flame to die down and then only use the heat to cook your food. The hotter the coal is the better barbeque you will make. Unless your coal is white hot (literally), do not proceed to cook.

Having the right tool kit is a must to take care of any exigency that might happen with your barbeque. Dropping a sausage is something that happens with almost every barbeque, hence you must be ultra-careful about taking out from the fire. That sausage in your barbeque pit can destroy the flavour of your barbeque because it will lead to flam and that will completely take away the flavour. Have the right tools to take it out in case you have an accident.

Finally, no amount of marinade is enough for a barbeque. The finest barbeque is supposed to be marinade for more than 2 days. You may not have that much of time but you must give as much time possible for marinade.