Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases is a burning topic in the circles of medical professionals. Sexually transmitted diseases have social taboo attached with them and this taboo makes it even more difficult to detect and treat them. The rate at which STDs are spreading is alarming. Every year more than 15 million Americans contract STD and these are the one who reports. Many more million cases go unreported. Though many sexually transmitted diseases are curable if detected in time, diseases like HIV AIDs are not only incurable but fatal also if left untreated. Even simple STDs such as syphilis and gonorrhoea can lead to fatal diseases such as organ failure, cancer, etc.


The important question that arises is that looking at the grave nature of sexually transmitted diseases, should we do a blanket testing for the entire population or should we devise methods to identify high risk population. STDs are hard to detect by symptoms in their initial stages. For example, HIV takes almost five to ten years to develop detectable symptoms. Hence we should identify people such as those who are ready to begin a new relationship, are having multiple sex partners, indulging in un-protected sex, sharing syringes and needles, doing drug abuse, etc. These all form the high risk category and should be persuaded to undertake STD tests.

The next question that arises is that what all tests should be done on the high risk category individuals. There are a large number of STDs which are prevalent and it is neither economically viable nor physically possible to test for all of them and hence we have shortlisted few high risk STDs such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, etc. Testing for above sexually transmitted diseases at least ensures that people are aware about their status for these fatal diseases. Even testing for these sexually transmitted diseases involves a lot of complexities. For example there a large number of HIV tests and each one of them differ in their method. Some tests can give quick result but are only partially accurate whereas the other tests are accurate but then they take longer time.

The last and the most important factor is that we also need to provide financial assistance to the needy for undergoing tests for sexually transmitted diseases. Poor people under estimate the danger from sexually transmitted diseases and hence do not undergo tests to avoid the financial strain that it might bring.

How To Approach The Piano

After seeing all the reasons why playing by ear can be the solution for those who want to approach the piano (or learn it once and for all), in this article I will show you what you need to do.

1 Forget the melody

It’s funny how almost all aspiring pianists devote all their energy in the draw and play the melody on the piano. If you do not want to do again the figure of the boy who plays the Hymn to Joy, it is best left to lose, at least initially. It’s like building on the top floor of a building without even the foundations. Get the melody is quite simple and requires little time also depending on your level. But it is a next step.


2 Find the tone

The importance of the shade can be explained like this: if you want to buy a shirt, you should not go to the pharmacy. It may seem a silly example, but it is what they do all the self-taught pianist with no real method. Try to get an agreement choosing between all the possibilities, going blindly and randomly. No wonder that half of them are frustrated. Knowing the shade allows you to distinguish what agreements may be in a song or not.

3 Focus on agreements

What really is important is to get the chords of a song.

4 Find the structure

This step may come before the chord structure.

Knowing the structure of a song, or to know the verse, chorus, bridge, etc … will allow you to speed up and save time.

5 End

This is all you need to get a song. “Just this?” Yes, only this. “So simple?” Yes, that simple. “It’s all so trivial?” No, it is not trivial. Once to tie a pair of shoes was an impossible adventure, today you do it without thinking. There will be things to learn, but then everything will become automatic.

The next step is to play the song on the piano. I call him the next because it is just that: a next step.

I believe that there is nothing worse than to know to play the piano and could not do freely without a score in front.

In short, the charm of the pianist playing all without “read” … nothing is quite fascinating, do not you think?

I recommend it, you will see incredible results and that much more satisfaction in the eyes and hearts of your listeners. Your hands will create pure magic for the souls who will listen to a musician and this is real satisfaction.

San Jose Movers by FairPrice Movers

Are you looking for a moving company to help you out? Maybe you’re moving somewhere near where you are currently residing, or perhaps you are moving to another state. Whatever your situation, there is a company that can help you move. San Jose Movers by FairPrice Movers is a very reliable moving company can help you with your moving needs whether it’s local moving, long distance moving, commercial and/or office moving.


If you want to be sure that your property is safe and secure, San Jose Movers by FairPrice Movers is your best choice. It has a good track record and is a guaranteed licensed professional long distance moving company. It is also an insured company so you can be assured that you are in good hands.

There’s more!

If you’re still undecided because of cost considerations, there’s no need to worry. San Jose Movers by FairPrice Movers offers free consultation with no obligation on your part. Their experts will discuss with you the details and you will be given an estimate of the moving cost should you decide to get their services.

They also offer other very affordable services like All-Inclusive Pricing and Low Minimums. They also offer Full Service where they do everything for you, from packing to moving and then unpacking when you reach the point of destination. They can also do very specific services. For example, if you want help only with your fragile properties, they offer Fragile-Only Packing and Unpacking.

It goes better next! You can do your transaction online, and this is very convenient. For example, you can visit their website and simply get a quote by following three (3) simple steps:

1) Fill out their inquiry form online,

2) Fill out completely an inventory list (still online) and indicate everything that needs to be packed and moved, and

3) Wait for a sales associate to contact you. He or she will talk to you and confirm with you all the details regarding the service you want. Specifically the sales agent will ask the following details: pickup and delivery windows, the kind of service level you need, like whether it’s full packing, fragile only packing, or if it will also include fragile unpacking. The sales associate will also ask you details about the building condition (point of origin and point of destination). Details like kind of building, number of floors, elevators, access points, parking spaces, etc. Special requirements will also be discussed, if you have any, as well as insurance.

Green Cleaning – Expanding the Boundaries of Environmental Cleanliness.

We are convinced that you wish to support the environment and its sustainability. We are also convinced that the realization of these plans require a partnership based on trust and professionalism with an integrated service provider that shares a solid set of values, high credibility and ambition to succeed.

If the green cleaning concept is new to you, then discover more about it, and then think about the benefits of hiring green cleaning services.


The concept of the green cleaning is not just a reduction of the amount of toxic substances generated in the cleaning activity but also obtaining the necessary certification from the relevant authorities. Green cleaning is expected to become an integral part of the modern world and the green cleaning services contribute actively to the achievement of these ambitious plans.

The benefits of hiring a green cleaning services are the following: they are able to support you, have qualified personnel, strategy certificates, experience and ambition, and even the biggest challenges seem nothing to them. But why should you choose the green cleaning services?

First, choosing green cleaning services often means more than using environmentally friendly cleaning products and certificates. There is a whole needs assessment process of the location and its occupants, including testing the cleaning products and equipment, finding the most appropriate methods and giving the best cleaning services for a specific customer.

Let’s see some of the real benefits of hiring green cleaning services:

Benefits on the health and safety. Green cleaning services are using ergonomically equipmentlowering the consumption of energy. They also use detergents that do not cause allergies, improving air quality within locations. With the use of green methods, they also reduce noise and stress of cleaning activities against the owners of the location.

Benefits to the environment by improving the air quality, reducing waste and protecting the natural resources.

Economic benefits by controlling more effectively thecostsof the cleaning activities, reducing the amount of detergent by 75%, and also reducing the amount of water and waste by almost 70% due to the use of microfiber products and specific methodologies. The energy consumption is also reduced, and the use of recyclable containers and packaging has positive impacts on both costs and environment.

For the green cleaning services, the concept of Green Cleaning is and will always remain a permanent concern and you will have the guarantee of gettingprofessional cleaning services that are environmentally friendly and delivered by dedicated and certified operators in the field.

Time to Run: How Should I Dress in Winter?

Running in the winter, or at least running in the cold, requires choosing a correct clothing and it’s amazing how very few runners in the months characterized by cold temperatures wear the right clothes.While it is true that there are individual characteristics that makes you opt for a choice over another, it is also true that you can easily identify the correct choice ever.
To understand what are the strategies recommended we’re going to talk a little about general clothing, then tell you how to protect the head, neck and superior part of the body from the gelid cold.


General Clothing

Two are the mistakes that the runner commits: use more layers orusewide attires (suits). To be honest, these mistakes are typical of the joggers, for which the performance is not very important. This mistakes are therefore inherited from past experience, to those runners who for short or long time were joggers.The use of multiple layers does not allow breathability (the jogger usually undress as he runs and ties at the waist the superior layer that becomes superfluous), sweating more than they should, without a real reason.The use of the suit, instead, raises a different problem because typically the clothing are comfortable and wide, and to heat efficiently they must be heavier than you would get with other materials in the same climatic conditions.

The head

Even the head sweats. Being covered with hair, the head has no problem of “heating”. Therefore only the bald can use a light wool hat (or who runs at really low temperatures below 0°C). For all other athletes it is highly recommended the use of running headbands that protects the exposed parts: forehead and ears.

The neck

Some athletes use a scarf to protect the throat from possible ailments. In reality, except in very rare cases, the benefit of using a scarf is only theoretical. In fact, the cold air introduced from the nose and mouth, however, comes in the throat, cooling it.The chill to the throat is then possible in the moment when you take off the scarf and the sweaty neck remains at the mercy of the low temperature.Basically the use of the scarf often reveals an excessive fear of exposing the body to the hostileelements.

The upper part

We said that it is wrong to use more layers. For those who truly suffer the cold, it is advisable to warm up in overalls and undressing the layers before stretching and the real training. You can use a thermalmesh that is very efficient in heating and also very light. A good sporting store will be able to indicate you excellent pieces.

Reiki Therapy – The Principles and Levels

Health is the most important thing that needs your attention, as without good health and happy mind, no task in this world can be performed. If you want to attain something in the long run regarding your profession, you have to make sure that your health must not be compromised in that. Sometimes our work duties are related to the field work and a lot of stress that may not seem to be a great problem but that can create problems in the future. Back problem, shoulder pain and muscle stretch are becoming the common problems even in the youngsters.


These problems must be encountered timely through proper treatment and medication. The problems not only affect our body, but also cause the flow of negative thoughts. These thoughts and stress can be best reduced through massage therapies that are the best and natural ways of treating the problems. Reiki is the Japanese technique in which palm healing is used that encourage healing. The greatest benefit of this technique is stress reduction and relaxation which triggers the natural healing abilities of the body and maintains health. Not only the health is promoted, but the technique also brings well being to the entire physical, emotional and psychic body.

If you are looking for the reiki services at affordable rates, you should visit the centers providing these services. But before you visit the center, you should know about the treatment procedure and the time it takes to complete the session. Mostly four levels of treatment are provided to the clients. In the first level, history and principles of Reiki and the principles are briefed, self healing protocols, and an attunement to reiki is provided that give you access to healing. The second level is the second powerful attunement to increase the flow of reiki energy and after the completion of this level; students become the practitioners and can provide reiki sessions with clients.

The third level is more advanced in providing the extraction techniques and training in the use of Reiki grid for the transmission of reiki energy. This is the highest level of attunement and after that, students will be able to experience increased levels of intuition and other forms of energetic awareness. At the fourth level, Reiki master is provided access to the attunement symbols and how to practice attunement to others. Also the instruction is given to open up others to deep healing.

Why Teens Drink and Drive

teens drinking

The lethal effects of drunk driving need not be explained. News reports are more than enough to show just how deleterious this bad habit is. Nevertheless, despite all the warnings and skyrocketing statistics of death by drunk driving, so many people still drive while under the influence of alcohol. The term driving under the influence actually refers not just to driving while intoxicated but also to driving while impaired by recreational drugs.

Sadly, not just adults fall prey to DUI. Teenagers, most especially, fall victim to this. In fact, the growing number of teens who are arrested for DUI is quite alarming. Before judgment is passed, though, it would be a good idea to look into some of the common causes of teenage drinking.

When a child hits puberty, he undergoes different changes that make him highly vulnerable. During this time, he is at a crossroads – he wants to do things his way, but at the same time, he’s unsure as to what his friends and family would think of his decisions. Because of this, he succumbs to peer pressure.

A DUI lawyer in San Diego would tell you that peer pressure is actually one of the main reasons why teenagers opt to drink. When they see their friends doing the same, they get to thinking that it’s normal. Moreover, once the desire to fit in hits them hard, they give in to the pressure to drink. Before they know it, their occasional “beer dates” have become a habit. Worse, their sense of reasoning may become obscured; thus, they mistakenly think it’s okay to drink and drive.

Another reason is escapism and curiosity. Perhaps the teen desperately wants to escape family or school problems so he turns to the bottle. In addition, he may be wont to try it just for the fun of it. Adventurous teens try it because they know it’s against their nature. This usually happens with teens who always question or defy the authority of their parents.

Perhaps one of the toughest reasons why teens drink and drive is lack of parental guidance. Parents who turn to the bottle often are definitely not setting a good example for their children. Busy parents who hardly have the time to spend with their kids may be partly to blame, too.

Now if you have a teen who falls victim to DUI, you would need the help of a good lawyer to get him out of the bind. San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros (go here) can help you and your teen in case he finds himself charged with DUI. Make sure to check them out to see how they can be of service to you

Human Design Course for Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are persons who start up a business by seeking opportunities and exploiting them in order to introduce an innovative product, processes or services in the market. He manages and organizes a business which usually involves a considerable risk and initiative. In order to be of great significance in the business world, an entrepreneur must know his or her capabilities and use this as an opportunity to make a difference. Knowing one’s self is the key to making great things.


In order to progress in business and advance in life, knowing what path to take and how to cross it are essential to succeed. Studying your Human Design System will give a glimpse or an understanding of the kind of person you are. There is a vast underlying ignorance on how our body functions and operates, and knowing the mechanics of our Human Design System could make a big difference in our lives. It reveals our complete nature and gives us the ability to be able to detail the depth of our nature; it is like reading our genetic code. Christopher J Power has released video series that teaches entrepreneurs in using the Human Design System in making decisions for their business. He is a world renowned trainer and human design consultant that guides and helps entrepreneurs, business owners and innovators create innovative solutions to meet their needs. Our body is a vessel, and we are its passenger. The moment we try to interfere with the mechanical operation of our genes, we transcend into pain, confusion, and chaos. Learning how to operate our system brings ultimate benefits in our lives. Studying Human Design System will give us the remarkable experience of finding and living to the fullest our true life. An individual could do more and be powerful when he is in the position that suits his design.


Business involves a lot of decision-making. Each and every decision you make is critical to the business. It could either make or break it. If you are in a dilemma on which to take or you are not satisfied to where your decisions have placed you, this study course is the best and most suited for you. If you want to liberate your life and open your eyes, master your human design. They have limited spots for their courses. Hurry up and avail of their human design course for entrepreneurs now! Visit them at masteryourhumandesign.com

What Are Personal Injury Claims

car accident lawyer 4

Although the most common types of personal injury claims are those that are related to road accidents, work, assault, and those that are related to product defects, in some cases and countries, the term can likewise include medical and dental malpractice. In some cases, the term also refers to those diseases or conditions termed as industrial diseases. These include emphysema, silicosis, bronchitis, asthma, contact dermatitis, and many others.


If a third party is proven negligent and his negligence resulted to any of the mentioned, the injured or affected party may demand for monetary compensation. A car accident lawyer in San Diego often represents the victim on a contingency basis. In the event that the suspect is proven guilty, a portion of the victim’s monetary compensation goes to the attorney that represented him.


More often than not, an attorney represents victims, especially when things are rather complicated and are difficult to prove, such as medical malpractice cases. If you were the victim, it would be a good idea to get a personal injury policy even if you have a good attorney. San Diego Car Accident Pros is a good place to look for a lawyer, and you can use them to understand more about such claims.


Why Get a Personal Injury Policy

While it is true that a personal injury policy cannot be counted upon in averting any untoward incident related to work or on the road, there is no denying that people who have this insurance policy can have themselves compensated and have personal injury claims. In the event that a person gets into a road mishap and it was another person who was in the wrong, he can file for claims that will enable him to have financial compensation from the culprit.


It goes without saying, then, that every driver needs to have personal injury protection. Because no matter how cautious a person is when he is driving, if other drivers are reckless on the road, he is always at the risk of having a road accident. While the money that one gets may not be enough to compensate for the emotional trauma or the physical damages that he gets, the money that he gets from his personal injury policy can certainly help tone down the blues.


The Advantages of Having a Personal Injury Policy

What makes this insurance policy more special and necessary is that it covers for lost wages that result from damages related to work, too. If a person has this insurance policy, he can easily have his personal injury claims in case he lost his job following an injury or accident that is related to his job. Because accidents can happen to anybody, and accidents are never planned or predicted, it is obvious that every worker needs to have this insurance policy. Of course, this insurance policy cannot prevent accidents from happening, but things will not be that bad should an accident happen, because the amount of money can be of great help to the victim and his family.

How to Start a Lawn Business for Teens

A lawn care maintenance business is an ideal way to learn about business even during teenage years. It can be a good source of income, especially during spring and summer, without investing too much time and money. Furthermore, this kind of business is easy and can generate monthly earnings with less advertising needs. The equipment cost is low and the tools are easy to manage.

Most parents help their children become financially independent as early as when they are in their adolescence. This is the reason why a number of young people try their hands in the lawn business. They save money intended for their basic needs and wants such as new phone, laptop, skateboards, and other stuff as well.

With the confidence that the grass can always keep on growing, commencing a lawn business can be an effective part time job for teenagers. It is appropriate for them since it requires minimal skills and mainly requires cleaning and maintenance of a lawn or yard. Of course, they can offer unique services such as lawn painting business, which involves ‘painting’ the grass with organic solutions to keep it green even during drought. Most households require simple lawn care services, which most teens can easily do such as cutting the grass and weeding.

lawn painting business

Here are some ideas on how to establish a lawn business for teens.

Figure out what kind of services are needed in the neighborhood to give the lawn care business a kick. The common lawn care services that teens can easily do are mowing and edging the grass. For those who have greater skills, other services may be offered. Seeking further training from the elders is a great way to advance in personal skills and in business.

Promote the lawn business by sending flyers around the neighborhood and around town. Promotion of the business can also be done by going door to door in the neighborhood and presenting the well-thought, hard-to-resist promotional packages. Another best way to advertise is to leave ads in the mailbox when there is no person in the house.

Establish a price rate for each lawn service. Provide a monthly plan; this can help acquire regular customers in which the job can be done during weekends. For customers who want a one-time job, charge them with a higher fee depending on the given service. It is important to do some research before pricing regular, weekly, and monthly rates.

As a teenager, you should realize how important it is to keep track of your earned money. This can help one practice on how to save, handle or budget money as early as a teenager given the fact that the teenage years is a good time to practice being independent. This makes lawn business for teens a good source of practice.

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