Landscaping Tips You Need to Know

The value of landscaping varies from one person to another. While owning a bare but clean yard may be enough for some, others go the extra miles to beautify it with flowers and other plants. Some may feel it’s unnecessary to go beyond their cleaning effort. But there are those who find pleasure in giving more attention to their yard by decorating and designing it, and they eventually reap the rewards of their effort. Aside from improving the place’ aesthetic view, it greatly increases its market value as well. If you are planning for a landscaping project, here are some important points you need to remember:


  1. There is no “cookbook” for landscaping.

Remember that houses can come in various sizes and shapes. Hence, there is no such thing as a perfect landscaping design that fits all types of yards.

  1. Know the guideline for plant heights.

Make sure that the plant wouldn’t grow more than 2/3 with that of the height of your home’s corner.

  1. Know your focal point.

Make sure that your center interest or your focal point will not be obstructed by the plants. As for landscaping, your focal point is your front door.

  1. Know to soften the home’s features.

There is no need to set up plants on all of your home’s foundation. This may tend to camouflage your house. You can simply use mulch or a bed of ground cover to tie the plants together.

  1. Long rows of similar plants must be avoided.

Use varieties of plants and do not plant long rows of similar plants to fill areas.

  1. Be mindful in your entrance planting.

Make sure that the entrance planting would lead the attention to your home’s front door. Plants with year-round interest are the best ones to use.

  1. Maintain good air circulation in your home.

Don’t plant at around 1.5 feet within your home’s foundation. The soil in this area is too dry and is not conducive for the plants to grow. Besides, growing a plant very near your home’s foundation will tend to block air that goes in and out of your home.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Sometimes, landscaping would require expert help. If you feel this is the case in your home landscaping project then call Gold Leaf Landscapes. They can guide and help you through the process, making the entire work easier for you.