How Windshield Replacement is Done

Your car windshield is quite sensitive; this is more so the case if you often drive in bad weather or roads. It can also be damaged as a result of a projectile hitting it, like a football or something. This is why you need to be familiar with the repair process of your windshield.

First of all, most people are oblivious of the function of the windshield as a protection against the roof collapsing on the driver. This is why the windshield has to be in perfect condition since had it been weak, the car roof would fall on the driver and leave him to nurse serious wounds.

The first step in windshield replacement is removing the old trim that held the windshield in position. This can be done by a razor which will cause the windshield to loosen. The now loose windshield is then taken off the car using big suction cups that have handles; this will help prevent the breaking of the windshield.

The next step is cleaning the area between the windshield and the car’s body, this is referred to as the pinch weld. This will help the new windshield fit perfectly. The next step is applying urethane on the now clean pinch weld. Thereafter, the new windshield is placed before the urethane dries out.

This should be carefully done to ensure that it fits perfectly and that you do not break it in the process. It is then to be held in place for a couple of minutes before letting go; thereafter the suction cups are carefully removed when the urethane has set.

If you are looking for windshield replacement Alpharetta services, be sure to get quality services that will not make you regret your choice. The process will take just a little time than you can imagine as they work with high tech equipment to get the job done.

Windshield may be damaged in the form of a crack, a chip or maybe it is just too old and has to be repaired. A replacement will surely get the job done perfectly and you might even get a more advanced windshield design for your car. Sometimes you just have to go for a windshield replacement as a repair will not give the required results. The process is not all that costly as compared to a repair which has to be done more than once on a single windshield.