How to Organize Your Bedroom

The only thing that teens hate during vacation is when it is time to clean their rooms. Since it has been left unorganized for a long time, because of school schedule and homework, it takes almost the whole day to satisfy a meticulous mother. One of the most difficult to organize is the closet. Some closets are too small for a teen’s wardrobe, resulting to overflowing drawers and clothes in every part of the room. Here are some tips on how to organize your closet better.


First, get rid of unused clothes. Surely, there are a few, if not more, clothes in your closet that do not fit you anymore or haven’t been used for a long time. Go through your clothes one by one and be stern in choosing which clothes have to go. A pair of jeans that is too fitted for your growing hips or a shirt that you and your friends bought for fun and has only been used once (a year or two ago) – you have to say goodbye to these clothes. Now that you have gotten rid of a quarter of your wardrobe (or more), invest on some good hangers. To make sure that your clothes do not get damaged when you hang them, use the right hangers for each type of clothing. Do not hang your sweaters though. Hanging them would cause them to sag. Then, color code them or put similar clothes together. Arrange dresses to dresses, shirts to shirts. Put same colors together to make it look neater.

After taking care of your clothes, you should organize your accessories, too. Bags can be arranged on shelves, but that would take too much space. For bags with straps, hang them using hangers or hooks that are placed carefully on the wall. You can utilize the side of a cabinet or shelf or even the underside of a display rack. Use stylish hanging hooks for your other accessories like caps, scarves and necklaces or bracelets. As for your shoes, designate a separate shelf for all of your footwear. You can also hang boots using pant hangers and use cubbies for sneakers and low-cut shoes. If you still do not have enough closet space, make use of the space under your bed. You can add some drawers for purses, towels, or even your undergarments. If you need more help in organizing your room and finding more storage space for all your things, visit to learn more.