Four Common Pest in Sydney and How to Control Them

Pests are everywhere. They inhabit locations wherein they can get abundant food, and the most perfect place is the household in the city.

Sydney is no exception when it comes to a large number of pests. The city is also a home to several dangerous pests. These pests are often seen in dark, humid and dirty places; in fact, they could be hiding in your garbage cans, crevices in your home, or in rotten woods.

What are the common pests found in households?

Here are the top four household pests in Sydney.


Cockroaches dwell in dark and filthy areas. You can often see cockroaches on your basement, attic, under the kitchen sink, etc. There are three species of cockroach that is found in Sydney; these are the American cockroaches, Australian Cockroaches, and German cockroach. You can stop them from breeding by regularly cleaning your home. Make sure to repair leaking pipelines that keep your home damp. According to experts, the increased humidity inside your home attracts these pests; thus, make sure to repair fissures to prevent cockroaches from entering your home.


Rats and mice are dangerous. They can spread diseases and create considerable damage in households. Rodents are clever animals. They know where to hide and when to attack your home. You can prevent these pests from creating havoc in your home by keeping your household neat. Make sure to clean areas under furniture and repair damaged premises in your home. If your home is infested with rodents, hire a Pest Control Sydney to completely eradicate these dangerous pests.


Termites can do a great damage in your home. These small insects feed on decaying woods. A termite infested premise on your home can affect undamaged ones. Thus, it is important to immediately extricate these pests. You can do this by removing the infested wood and repairing the damaged area in your home. Also, call pest control near you to get rid of these pests.


If you have a garden, your greatest enemy is possums. These pests do not only attack crops but also destroys electrical wires which can lead to serious hazards like fire. Furthermore, possums leave behind feces and urine. The problem is not just the stench but the health risk that comes with it.

If you see one of these pests inhabiting your home, immediately call for help. Go to the best pest control team in Sydney, the ABC Pest Control. They have the best solutions for protecting your home from dangerous pests.

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