Excavator: What to Look for When Renting One

Renting an excavator is easier said than done. There are many factors you need to consider so you end up making the right investment. These machines are staples in many construction projects, forestry industries and mining job sites. They are sought for because of their measurability, power as well as versatility. You may need one to upgrade an entire fleet, to enhance your performance or just for one tough construction project.  If it’s only meant for one use then you may be asking this question right now; “Where can I find excavator rentals near me?” Well, you have made the right decision to turn to the internet to answer such query. However, check out the following factors first before deciding to rent one.


Size and Type

This determines the workload capabilities of the machine. This is also essential for you to determine the storage you have to prepare when the machine is not in use. Obviously, you do not want it to be damaged or exposed to possible theft. The smallest option you have is the compact excavator. This is perfect for small construction projects which require light excavation works. If the work space is not confined, opt for the standard types. For a very demanding job, you will need large excavators which weight 40-70 metric tons.

Working and Weather Conditions

Check out what type of work you need. Is it digging, lifting, reaching or carrying rocks? Check the work space if it’s cramped, tight or expansive. This will determine what type of excavator you will need. The weather condition also matters. If it is too hot outside, you will need to rent an excavator that has air-conditioning inside. And for cold weather, a heater must also be available.


Will you need diversity and flexibility? It mattes so you will now what attachments to choose. There are thumbs and buckets for pavement removal and lifting rocks. For demolition, you will need hydraulic hammers and for drilling, augers. You will also need rippers if you need to break tough materials and for soil stabilization, rotary mills or rotary tillers.

Other Features

Other features may be essential like a monitoring system to do diagnostic which is needed to detect any signs of malfunctions. A pilot hydraulic may also be needed for hydraulic controls. An excavator lock may also be needed to prevent theft. Just remember to list down all your needed features so you will know what to look for when renting one.