Do You Need a Plumber?

We’ve all been there, wondering if we need to hire a plumber or not.  Even for the most hardcore do it themselves type people, sometimes giving a plumber a call is the only solution.  So how do you know when to give one a ring?  We’ll give you a few examples of times you definitely need to call a plumber and how much it will typically cost.  Obviously costs are dependent on the area you live in and the extent of the damage, but hopefully we can give you a rough idea of what to expect.


Low water pressure

Nothing is more annoying than low water pressure, whether it’s taking a shower or trying to do the dishes; low water pressure hinders all of it.  And it’s not an easy fix.  It could mean anything from a leak somewhere in your home, a clog, or even a bent pipe.  In other words, something you’ll need the help of a professional to deal with.  There’s no shame in it, and a plumber will be able to minimize the damage and fix the problem before it turns into something worse (like mold!).  So if all the sudden your water pressure drops, it may be time to pull up google and search plumber near me.  This will typically cost around $500; though can quickly escalate if not dealt with soon.

Another problem you need to call a plumber for is replacing a water heater!  Now, if you’re very mechanically inclined you could do this one yourself, but it’s not recommended.  It can be a complicated process, and should be left to a professional.  To get the water heater and installation, it typically costs about $700.  For hot water on demand though, that’s not too bad.  There are many more problems which you should definitely call a plumber for, but these are two we thought you should know about.